Backside Anti-Reflective Layer

Scratch Resistant Protection

Over 90% Blue Light Blockage

Color Enhancing Filters (CEF)

No Color Distortion

Blue Aspis  lenses offer


100% UV Protection

Making claims about a product without providing supporting data is far too frequent and prevalent.

We utilize a spectrometer which accurately measures

Blue Light penetration, Light Transmission and Color Distortion. 

Random Spectrometer Reading of Blue Aspis Lenses

All photos are authentic and all data portrayed are actual.

Amount of Blue Light (T%) allowed at specific nanometers (nm)

*Harmful Blue Light is generally considered to be between 400 nm and 450 nm

Comparisons are useful when the effectiveness of a product is concerned. With all due respect to the current sales leader, the numbers clearly show the superior effectiveness of Blue Aspis lenses.

Today's Sales Leader 

Blue Light Penetration 

Example: At 450 nm Blue Light blockage is 65.25%

Blue Aspis Optics

Blue Light Penetration 

Blue Aspis: At 450 nm Blue Light blockage is 92%

Visual representation of the comparison between Blue Aspis and the market leader.

We have nothing but respect for the company that is and has been the sales leader in this market segment. We are comparing our lenses to theirs precisely because of their position and their better than average products.

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